The Universal Peace Page is based on original Vedic teachings, the universal truth.

It is non-religious, non-political but universal in all that we are. The infinity of all knowledge is here to explore within the expanse of your experience.

Sitting within the temple that sits within you, the first language of silence will speak as well as the second language of music in the highest form.

Designed to be a presentation of spirituality and Divine presence through the poetry and writings of Kelvin Brown and the teachings of his teacher, Shri Prabhakar Keshav Sardeshmukh Maharaj, this page, enabled by the dedication of Corey Stewart, will serve as a nurturing place within the turmoil of existence where you can gain practical philosophy that will gradually give you peace and happiness to all that you are.

India is the land of spirituality and from India comes universal truth through language, the performing arts, science, ayurveda and yoga.

The poems I receive are the same poetry continually written throughout the past 5,000 years now written for today’s understanding.


Kelvin S Brown