My first poem Say Nothing has the opening line, ‘Is the world asleep and I the only one awake? Enlightenment does not come from without but from within and what sits within is the life and magic of the real self, the soul. It is the essence of who we are and what we do. This is consciousness. Throughout life, soul and consciousness is one. Some people say the eyes are the eyes of the soul.

I would like to quote Contzen Pereira, an independent researcher in India because what he writes is from a poem of mine called Soul written many years ago and verified by my teacher Maharaj.

“It is the author’s view that the soul is consciousness and the original form of our self. Soul has found itself when it finds a body; its formation blends with the formation of matter in its smallest form. Consciousness is transcendent; a feeling of possibilities, intuition, insight, creativity, choice; everything that cannot be predictable. Just like I cannot experience consciousness, I cannot experience my soul. My soul resides in me; flows through me with the purpose of its existence being unexplainable. My soul is an orb of energy that surrounds me; my body. What is the purpose of the soul? Why should I acknowledge the existence of my soul? For without a soul, I would never understand the supernatural, see the things around me, and feel the wind in my face, experience the blueness of the sky; express and emote. For this is consciousness; my soul is my consciousness or rather my consciousness is my soul; they are one and the same. For my consciousness or my soul moves within me; guides me and connects me to reality.

The orb of energy he describes comes from the vibration Maharaj refers to. He also says the soul never dies. Everything perishes but the soul goes on forever. The body is like a flute. The soul needs the body to do what it must do. As the flute is a vehicle for making music, so the body is the vehicle for the soul.

Where do souls come from? For our basic understanding, we should consider that all souls are one and come from the one source. At birth, the soul remembers what it was last doing at death. At death, the soul reaches and merges with all souls to become one. It then separates. During sleep, a soul can travel 4-5 hours and longer periods between re-births.

If we can understand even a blade of grass has consciousness, we can relate to all living and non-living matter. We are not separate but one with all things. This concept is easier to realize when we are in a nature environment.

The Oneness Of It All

When passing to the other side,
all souls become one
like clouds in the sky.
Here on the earth plane,
making music is like one energy.
By singing or playing instruments,
music makes us one.
This experience is the nearest
our souls have of unity in the moment.
Then we can extend it to nature.
We are one with nature.
The laws of nature nurture us,
and finally take our body.
Now, the sounds of unity,
whether it be in praise, joy, or sorrow,
prepare us for the ultimate journey.

© K.S.Brown 10/4/18

The last verse of my poem The Traveller  says;

Look into the eyes of a baby and see the eyes of God.
Look into your heart and know God’s resting place.
Look into your soul and see a traveller.

The journey is infinite with so many horizons. Losing a loved soul seems like the end of a journey with the person you love but there is no separateness in your consciousness, only a physical vehicle of the soul. Love can last forever. Time is a mere blink of a star.


the breath of music needs
a flute,
the words of wisdom need
a voice,
the grace of movement needs
a dancer,
the sweet taste of fruit needs
a shell,
the charm of beauty needs
a maker,
the art of logic needs a thinker,
the eternal soul needs
a lodging.

© K.S.Brown

Waters of the Soul

Pure, cool and refreshing.

Waters of the soul
calm the very essence of living.

They travel from a distant past
to a future only they know.

Take a moment to walk
or bathe in them.
Listen to their stories,
the riverbanks they know.

The waters of the soul
follow the soul’s journey.

They are never turbulent
but deep with knowledge.

They carry all that has passed
through them.

The waters are the
companion of the soul,
nourishing the soul
as it wanders along their banks
looking for solace in times of upheaval.

Steady are the waters,
for nothing can change or disturb them.

Time itself floats along them
and one can pause and reflect for a while.

They come from unseen mountains
and flow like veins
throughout the universe into eternity.

Sweet music emerges
from the birds of the water
as they sit on trees
amongst flowers
tall as the sun,
a sun that warms the body
and glows within the heart.

There is no night
but the sunlight of happiness,
the smile of peace,
the rainbow of the waters.

© K.S.Brown 23/10/14

The Secret to All Things.

An old, wise man,
who had only a few hours
remaining with his family,
spoke of what his life had taught him.

“Do you want to look for God?”
he asked,
“then look to yourself.”

He continued.
“Swear to God
and you swear to yourself.

When you love God,
you love yourself.

When you have a problem
it becomes God’s problem
and the answer is on the way.

Send a kind thought to God
and it will come to you.

Smile to others
and God smiles back.

Live for others
and others live for you.

Do your best
and God gives you the best.

Wrong God
and you wrong yourself.

Live for God
and you live eternally.

Give praise to God
and you praise yourself.

Eat for God
and God gives you food.

Work for God
and God pays you.

Be silent to God
and God speaks.

If you want to believe in God
then first believe in yourself.

If you want to kill yourself
then know your time is God’s time.
and you’re on your own.

Feel like time is running out?
Remember time belongs to God
and there’s plenty of it.

If you deny suffering,
it will continue.
Surrender to suffering
and it will pass.

See a wonder?
Then know it is
God’s gift to you.

Be patient
and all is yours that is God’s.

He finally said,
“When the sun rises at dawn
in all its new beauty,
you may ask who you are?”
You are God’s gift to yourself.”

© K.S.Brown 7/2/15

The Breath of Everything

Nature and the universe are one,
including you and I.

Although I cannot climb and touch a cloud,
the cloud comes to me with its rain.

Although I cannot reach and touch the moon,
its light shines through
my window and touches me.

And when the sun comes,
its warmth is part of my body.

A thunderstorm sounds
and when it strikes,
I know its power.

The bird has my wings
and takes me to where I cannot go.

The butterfly brings with it
the season of spring.

The ocean in all its vastness
and mystery hugs me
as I plunge into its coolness.

My body takes the breath of everything,
becoming like a vapour
to go where it will.

© K.S.Brown 23/10/17

These Sants could read each soul and guide a person according to their Dharma (duty). Sants included are Swami Akkolkot, Mali Maharaj and Shankar Maharaj. Music by Indian flute legend Hariprasad Chaurasia and Amareesh, Dancing Horses from their NOW album remastered.

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