Two people meet. They become close friends or even closer. Why?


As strangers they met,
introduced to each other
by an unspoken bond.

With singular awareness
of shared knowledge
they discover each other
once more.

From that moment,
they were companions
of each other’s destiny.
They were friends.

When time came
for them to grow apart,
they never left
each other’s heart.

They were together
through changing times,
united by an unspoken bond.

© K.S.Brown

My teacher Sardeshmukh Maharaj used the word magnet to explain it. We become magnets to each other. Direct attachment. But where does the power come from?

Mostly it is previous births. We have already made our attachments before. One life they were mother, another life sister, another life wife. And in this life there is no explanation but simply direct love.

Destiny is another factor. Things happen. In later years we can look back and see happenings that lead to direct changes due to the people and events of which we were totally unaware at the time. We can see the marvel that has led us directly to where we are today.

This experience becomes our teacher and develops us to where we need to be. And it continues on in future lives. Many people actually seek a teacher, a spiritual teacher to guide them. They become travellers searching.

The Traveller

Why words, why thoughts, why journeys
for the search of happiness?
Dusty roads, hot days in foreign places,
moving through the depths of humanity,
seeing the world of a thousand faces,
the history of a thousand destinies
but looking only for one.

Sit within yourself and begin to know
the world of all existence,
the world of timeless matter,
the world beyond issues of the day
and beyond birth and death.
This is your world, your destiny,
your happiness.

We cannot all be kings and queens
but the greatest treasure is knowing
who we are and what we can be.
Do not look for cosmic heraldry,
magic flashes and power displays,
signs in the heavens or fortune tellers.

Look into the eyes of a baby
and see the eyes of God.
Look into your heart
and know God’s resting place.
Look into your soul
and see a traveller.

© K.S.Brown

There are many reasons people go on quests. Most have a need because a massive calamity occurred in their lives. Others are searching for answers and will not settle until they have them.

They need direction which is based on who they are and what is their dharma. They are looking for a teacher who knows. Not every teacher knows but there is their one teacher, and they have to be found. The question is do we search or does the teacher come to us?

Mostly the teacher comes to us through a variety of interconnected incidents and connections devised by our destiny. I have personally experienced this, and it was a steppingstone process. First the need is established, an incident happens that leads from one revelation to another until you can come to meet your teacher face to face.

Face to Face

I sit at your table
but there is something
between us.

It is not yours but mine.

I will send it into air.

Now we are face to face.

© K.S.Brown

Then your life is totally changed and corrected. This teacher can read your destiny on your face, tell you who you are and what you are meant to be doing.

Before we came into this birth our life was already planned. We chose our parents, place of birth and the purpose of birth. Mostly in the process of birth it is forgotten and has to be regained through our special teacher or simply the events of our life which still go on as planned.

Child prodigies have not forgotten their previous birth and simply continue where they have left off, hence their incredible abilities at such a young age. We can meet 3-4 year olds playing like piano masters on YouTube.


The teacher’s voice speaks
from where there is no one.
What is said is understood
and has been heard before.

The voice continues to
direct and praise,
allowing freedom to express.

What is a teacher
but a lesson of understanding?

Teachers can come in many forms:
an action, a scene, an experience,
a child, a manager, a professor.
A teacher can be the unexpected,
can be all things.

Speak what has not yet been spoken
and the teacher will know
the journey is finished
and you have begun the greater path.

© K.S.Brown

For some people they are approached by the divine. Note Paul of the New Testament bible who killed Jews but on the road to Damascus he was summoned by a blinding light that spoke truth. He became the first great teacher and coordinator of the early Christian churches.

Valmiki was a serial robber and killer. He met a holy man he was going to rob. The holy man’s eyes were so powerful, Valmiki saw no fear in him and asked why. The holy man told him to stop his ways and to meditate. His meditation was so intense termites crawled over him and he became a termite mould hence the word Valmiki. He in turn created one of India’s greatest literature stories called the Ramayana.

God walks this earth and chooses people for greatness way beyond their original capacity. Someone special can meet you too.

Peace is the ultimate state of being, of correctly working with who you are, your companion, workplace and friends.

Kelvin Brown

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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