There is no God of suffering.

The suffering is created by us, nature, accidents, family violence, sexual abuse, medical issues to name a few. It can be created by others. How we cope with it is our affair. God can assist but we must own it and deal with it.

That is the success of recovery. Suffering can become a great teacher.

In 1967, John Lennon sung to the world All You Need is Love, Love is All You Need. A year later, on the Beatles White Album, he created an apocalyptic Revolution 9. What had happened within 12 months was a world not interested in the love message or the summer of love. Drugs, police brutality and the Vietnam war put an end to peace and unity. Rather it was a world where over 500,000 young American men were caught in the national web of war killing and napalming Vietnam with children’s skin falling off.

The dream was certainly over. It didn’t stop Lennon from creating the Give Peace a Chance chant and later the utopia of Imagine where all that created evil was absent.


There is no God of suffering,
no God of day or night.
Each has its own existence,
its own choice of
right or wrong.

There is no God of confusion,
but there is a God of giving
and what is given cannot be taken.

What God gives can be given.
What cannot be given
cannot be compelled.
There is no God of suffering.

© K. S. Brown


So God is blamed
for all the wrong.
We are the victims,
the curse of life-
we cannot be blamed.
What fools we become.

In our last despair
we turn to God
and find our joy,
our beginning.
We bless the wrong
which was our own
that led to our
our perfect

© K. S. Brown

Since those times brutality has increased. Humanity has never stopped showing its capacity for cruelty and destruction. Fear of a nuclear war is even closer with instability reigning on all levels of society and nations, namely economics, politics, the massive destructibility of Nature and a planet in need of restoration.

Mental illness is the vogue in all age groups. The teaching of values is missing and not sustainable across all cultures. Some elders of the First Nation people of Australia refuse to teach young people their values because they are not ready. The world is going to hell, yet it has been prophesied across many cultures from early times. In fact, according to the Indian calendar, we are in the last stage of existence before a new age begins of a thousand year period of peace.

We are now in ruin.

This period began in 3676 BCE and is known as Kali Yoga, the age of destruction and is set to finish about 2024. People searching for light in this age of darkness have been blessed with the visitations of sants. The teachings and practices of Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ and hundreds of sants since have continued to grace significant populations throughout the world.

There have been major disruptions such as the Napoleonic wars, World Wars 1 & 2 and recently many territorial wars. Unparalleled suffering has been caused with supreme challenges of life or death. Nature’s fury and power is now adding to the force. Suffering will not go away, yet within us is our own answer and our own deeds. Let the world go to hell but don’t follow it.

Peace and the understanding of suffering begins within us as expressed in the song Be at One, written by myself in the ashram of Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth with the guidance of Sree Thakur. It is sung by Ramona Kearney (with a photo provided by Jeswin Thomas, Pexels/1007425).

Music itself is a great healer and comforter and can quicken healing. RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG is the healing Kundalini Mantra popularly called Ra Ma Da Sa. This kriya when practiced right can fine-tune our soul to the rhythm of the Universe, a healing vibration that is untouched by pain or illness. The more I listen to it, the more familiar the body is identifying it’s calmness and comfort.

RA means the sun. It’s vibrancy connects us to the frequency of vibration giving energy. MA means moon, cool and nurturing so we accept everything coming our way with calmness. DA is the energy of the earth giving us a sense of security, a frequency that keeps us grounded. SA is the sound where energy rises and flows outwards merging with the divine healings of the Universe. SAY SO HUNG means I am Thou, a personal sense of merger and self-awareness.

Let AJEET HASEYA KAUR perform this beautiful mantra for you and may it pour divine healing upon you.

Peace and Happiness… Kelvin Brown

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Kelvin Brown
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