Peace should be like a gentle rain upon the earth treating all with the opportunities to flourish with their given gifts, aspiring creation to dance its purpose of love for all.

It requires the suppression of greed and ego which will recreate an equal distribution of wealth, food and drink to all people and animals.

The Earth can provide for all but needs attention to maintain its functions as the cradle of existence.

The Globe requires the thinking of countries to ignore national identities for the good of all, respecting individual qualities nationally but understanding we are part of this incredible globe.

Peace takes a great deal of strength, hard work, understanding and empathy. Why would we, as a race of people, waste our valuable time and existence on destruction and suffering, all of which creates no winners or solutions?

Let us all enjoy our individuality and uniqueness as the greatest gathering of creation, standing in awe of its greatness, not on fields of rubble, starvation and suffering.

This is the action of hell and those who want to live in it.

As you read this listen to the music of Snatam Kaur for its freshness and positive joy… Bliss.

The future of peace can be seen on the smiling faces of children from across the globe as seen in this Tina Turner Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu Peace Mantra.

Both pieces are courtesy of You Tube.

Kelvin Brown


What is Peace?
Peace is like a boat
gliding on serenity.

Sit in the boat
and the river journeys
to the next port of time,
where a challenge, a loss, a love
or another change awaits
along the great river of life.

Bring down the rain of calmness
to wash away fear
and pursue the written path.
Dharma’s companions are
peace and gentleness.

Strength within peace
can make age step aside
and bring down
energy from the skies
creating a small sun ball
to warm the heart.

Into the silent hum of infinity
travels the boat
as days unfold like waves
and sunset upon the ocean
collects the completion
of perfect endings.

© K.S. Brown 13/03/2023

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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