The Price Of Gold

The Price Of Gold

Throughout the ages across the world and in all cultures, enlightened teachers have given ethical and behavioural guidelines to enhance our existence in this world.

Peace and personal development were the top priorities. It is supposed to be a privilege to be born into this existence and to experience further the development of soul.

Starting with family, this cohesive unit contained the support, protection, and nurturing derived from love to begin our life journey. The family set guidelines in behaviour to protect themselves based on social and spiritual code.

There was an expectation for people to adhere to their birth religion, culture, and place, while also pursuing personal growth and contributing to the welfare of others.

The high arts of music, drama, dance, writing were to be studied and practiced for the betterment of all. Story telling was fundamental in passing on environmental, cultural and social practices for all generations.

Science and medicine were fundamental in aiding and providing a better life through a whole person approach. Sport was a game developing all our skills and providing healthy fitness through its demanding achievements.

The authorities outlawed war, killing, and destruction.. Society did not condone lack of respect for others and established laws to ensure social justice.

Society set bullying as the lowest of behaviours and recognized it as detrimental to itself.Humankind understood its mortality and allegiance to a greater power responsible for its existence.

Teachers were of the highest level of endeavour and had the greatest responsibility in developing society through individual and group learning.

It was a privilege to be born into this world.

Now the sun is setting. All that was is no more. Evil is good and good is evil. The planet is slowing dying with nature raging in all its forms.

Individuals are being born into a world of wars, murder, violence, family destruction, plagues, lies, bullying, and little or no education in poorer countries. Much is required for a person to correct or change poor practices.

The gold of the ancient past, the gold of inspired living, has long suffered corruption, leaving only fragments to discover in the present day.

The price of that gold is the salvation to be found in good karma, the destruction of greed, replacing ego with no ego and supporting all of creation, humans, animals and the environment. There is still gold to be found.

The irony is in the words of the poem Universal Truth. Despite our differences, there is a sameness in what we do, a true understanding of what is common to humanity. But the contradiction is in doing the opposite, not sharing and trying to destroy the sovereignty of individuals and nations.

God has many faces, as seen in the variety of world cultures. We need to stand in awe and admire our vivid differences, each beating its own drum, making the world the vibrant place it is. The stupidity of war and forcing superiority over others is not only criminal, it violates our very purpose and existence on this earth.

So let the gold rush find new gold to rebuild our great civilisation, guided by the infinite, enlightened teachings still existing and preserved, waiting to be found and practiced.

Kelvin S Brown

Universal Truth

We come from different lands
but write the truth with the same hand.

We play in the same yard
and are blessed with the one true heart.

We play in the same rain
and laugh with the same happiness.

We give thanks in different ways
but God has blessed us the same.

© K.S.Brown

Woodstock video features Joni Mitchell’s version of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s original song with photographs sourced from Unsplash, Pexels and Wiki Pics with thanks. The song comes from the Joni Mitchell album Travelogue 2004

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Kelvin Brown
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