The Road To Peace


The road to peace began with peace many thousands of years ago. Words such as Rishi and Vedas from India signify a time of high nobility, a mastery of all matters, a knowledge way beyond what we experience today. It was a golden time of harmony and peace. Significant discoveries came to light. The mathematical and oldest language of the world called Sanskrit combined with the poetical form of all explanations written on what are now known as ancient papyrus manuscripts still filter to us through time. The tenets behind this period were nature and balance, as echoed in Greek antiquity and European classicism.

Gradually, the decline of high culture merged into concepts of individualism and emotionalism as the climatic cause and expression of human existence. Warring factions began to appear, leading to heroic acts against destructive behaviour. People worshipped the hero for their acts against war. These factions broke peace into large pieces creating fault lines of war. Land grabbing became a rage against original peoples. Political theories became new mainstreams of government, with fascism fighting liberalism, democracies fighting communism and the governments themselves fighting their own people who threatened to corrupt their existence. It started big and now it’s even more treacherous. In fact, we can destroy our planet with our bombs and infuriate nature, causing it to be more destructive than our own conceptions.

So the road to peace is a long road through the definitive eras of humankind that have lasted for many thousands of years. Now, its significance exceeds all historical times. We have created the greatest killing sprees ever, with world wars to match.

Soldiers who have forgotten their biological origins, operating under overarching military machines, have symbolically destroyed the Madonna, mother and child, with the massacre of innocent women and children. Spiritual hierarchy states God, mother, father and teacher. The defilement of the holiest of holies occurs. The path of peace now has a forged road of destruction.

Amidst chaos, plant roses for every injustice. Beauty should never go defeated. We should rise in defiance against our own countries defiling human decency.

In the end, people who love peace will fill the road once again. Renewal replaces destruction.

More importantly, peace should begin with each individual seeking peace for themselves. The home of peace is within. It is a private and special existence cocooned within the heart. Always protect it and let no one assault it. Others will find and respect that peace through its actions.

Peace, in various colours and faces, shares one smile. Stay with that smile and those who wear it. This force will never die. From peace comes true direction.

Kelvin S. Brown

The Cherry Tree

The cherry tree stood alone
with blossoms of hope
surrounded by rubble.

It never did last the winter.

The blistering attack on two cities.
Miles of ruins along the horizon.
Burnt bodies and crying souls.

Human infamy had assaulted decency
with its murderous hand.

The hard ground was a path
for crawling, wracked beings,
blinded, skinless and dying.

No cross, but a shadow of a cross
appeared before religious leaders,
cloaked with beguilement
before and after the defilement.

Forgiveness was sought by the survivors
It was the only way.

The jury sought ambiguity
against the complexity.

A raged silence of disbelief
lasted years beyond the horror.

The cherry tree, a brief moment of existence,
is now a long memory.

© K.S. Brown 20/5/2024

This excerpt of Cherry Tree video assigned to Zen Ambience with thanks. Do visit their site for beautiful meditational music.

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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