The silent room is not a room with four walls. It is a private space where only you can go. It is a personal space for a person to sit in silence and deal with issues.

There are multiple uses for this room, namely as a refuge in dark times needing light. A place for solace offering unconditional love and comfort in dealing with anxiety, loss and challenges. A place for thankyou’s and celebration. A place for deliverance. A place for receiving guidance.

The silent room is the closest space for the soul to reach its spiritual home beyond the body within the confines of the material world. The silent room is the stepping stone to the real world beyond the daily illusion called Maya.

Not known simply as a confessional, the room is a confidant for all issues aimed at revealing practical solutions or simply creating a peaceful state of mind in silence, refreshed to take on those feared challenges.

The silent room can reside in a special room designed to be a private space with a beautiful vibration, fragrant with incense and flowers and a place to sit on a cushion, on a floor cross legged. A slightly opened window bringing a fresh breeze inside would also add to the calm of the room in summer or a gentle warmth in winter from a heater. Surrounded by this state of peace and beauty the room can reveal itself through meditation where a state of nothingness exists after the mind has settled. Within this state, all outside existence closes and the mind can receive relevant thoughts, ideas and information or remain in a state of peace.

In time, the room can be accessed anywhere, at any time and any place simply because it can now be found within the person at call. Here, a person can receive thoughts and if they become a reality they are known as intuition. Running advice is available when needed and meditation becomes a simple place for stillness within the silent room.
Sleep does not enter the silent room. Dreams are a separate place with some giving a complete message or be a communication from souls passed.

Nothing can destroy or get into this room. No one else can reside in the room. It is carried everywhere by you and will always be the place of freedom. One simply has to have the access of entering with the key of knowing it exists and opening the door.

Within sits this special, silent place, always waiting and ready for your presence.

Focus on the power and presence of your spiritual teacher, guide or loved one and the relaxing power can heal. The room is the real presence of your soul, always eternal and great with this birth.

When leaving the silent room acknowledge and thank the universe for the time and attention spent in the room and walk out with peace.

Kelvin Brown

A Silent Place

So what
if the world
bangs on my door
and demands my all.

Was it I
who rang the bells of hell
and had my name
thundered with rain?

What fool can be
seduced by the power of gain
to create immortality?

The world is really
a silent place
and we the guests of solitude.

Let us open
the gate of the world
that offers our purpose
to walk the streets
of humble achievement,
and return in thanks
to our given, silent place.

© K S Brown

Deva Premal & Mitten performing live Om Triambakam (peace, healing and protection)

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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