Church bells ring,
the village sings.
From mountains
to cities,
from cities
to countries,
from countries
to nations,
from planet
to planet,
to universe,
the human spirit
rejoices in song;
united by strength
of the bond of peace,
clapping to one beat
the rhythms of faith,
knowing the old face,
working the new fate.

© K.S.Brown

SHALOM… To Make Something Whole.

War has never been out of fashion throughout the history of humankind. It has brought out the best and worst of human nature.

Imagine knowing, as a leader, that your country will soon be at war with those who want to destroy your fledging new state as was the case of Golda Meir and the state of Israel.

Golda was always the crusader of peace but to achieve that a war or several wars were needed to bring peace. Sad as this realism is, sacrifice and suffering are called upon to uphold the call of peace.

The duality of evil and good always play their card games in the game of supremacy ever since the pages of the Bhagavad Gita were written. Here was the great understanding of the individual and their duty, a task that cannot be refused as was written on the day of birth and sometimes may require performance in war.

Peace always sits in the heart of an individual. Even a madman knows it. An act of violence can be committed by a peaceful person because they are not attached to it due to the necessity to defend peace.

This can also apply to a nation state and becomes an act of karma. In the end peace is achieved. No peace sits in a heart that always seeks evil to destroy goodness. Some say this is the great drama of God but evil created itself. So a person of peace sometimes has to confront this ugliness that appears in many forms and walks into courts of law.

It has been said that peace is the price of eternal vigilance. For the individual that means eternal alertness to all that is appearing or even seems probable in the future. This is an act of practical philosophy. What does exist has to be understood and solved in whatever practical means are possible to be successful and maintain that rock of peace within.

The false world of illusion doesn’t help. This is a simple characteristic of materialism. It might taste good at the time but is never lasting. Shalom is the greeting of peace between peace sitting within people.

Sometimes the world turns within itself and cannot be trusted. No one can be trusted let alone trusting ourselves. This bitter truth of practical philosophy has to be understood and put into practice, its awareness creating useful strategies to be followed. Plans A to D need to be created.

Peace should always touch the peace within. When it doesn’t, try to solve those threats to peace. When the threat is visible strike the sword of peace for peace.

Remember you and peace never die. There are always bubbling waters of the stream gently holding sunlight and the playful dance of nature in the eternal realm, humming the content of longing, always at peace.


Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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