Dealing With The Deal

Someone recently said to me “We have to deal with the card we are dealt.” How true and how simple. No questions asked. Deal with it.

This goes beyond the days when Ian Fleming sat in his Golden Eye villa in Jamaica and was writing Casino Royale, involving James Bond dealing with his cards, and creating devastating results.

Why do we get the cards dealt to us? Who deals these cards? What if we don’t do anything about it? Why do some people not get the cards?

Of course there are good and bad cards. I believe we always get a mixture of both, but not together.

There are moments in our lives where everything is great. The cards are good. Then there are stages in our life when the cards are bad. I would say challenging and involve all sorts of emotions, loss and grief.

It does not mean we are always in control when these cards are dealt, but the achievement is how we cope with them.

So what is the story behind the cards? We come into this life with a dharma (duty). It is planned before we get here but in the process of birth, most of us forget. Some don’t.

We see this with prodigy children, showing signs of adult ability and quickly mastering their skills in the field of sports, science, maths and the arts.

We also come with karma, (reap what we sow). Karma can be good and also bad because we have created it. People blame God, but we are the creators of our own heaven and hell. Therefore, the karma has to be absolved as we go through the process of settling it like an overdue bank account.

When that is achieved, the karma is gone. We should not create additional karma. Some karma takes lifetimes to absolve.

Karma is the cards. However there are some instances in our lives where no one is to blame such as catastrophes, accidents, plagues and in some cases sickness. It is up to us how we positively recover.

So these cards are dealt to us by our previous actions and we have to continue to absolve them. When we are going through the effects of this karma, the quickest way to resolve and heal from it is to acknowledge that we own it.

No one else does. It is ours and that’s why we have to deal with it, and in doing so, quicken the process creating a positive outcome.

By not dealing with our karma, we create more suffering for ourselves. The situation simply becomes worse and creates a life of stagnation. We succumb and have to return for another birth to resolve the karma.

Those people who seem not to get the cards are very rare. We see them as holy people and spiritual teachers here to assist us. We are very lucky to have them in our lives, giving specific instruction of what to do and showing us who we are and what our real dharma is.

In religion or without religion, these teachers are here. Some seek to remain with us, but are now without body, sitting in a specific place. They are there to guide and answer questions. These people, and where they sit, are known.

I have been speaking on an individual level. We should also be aware we can take on karma from people we are involved with. This includes children, the person we marry or have relationships with. We must be prepared and be aware of these possibilities. If one can avoid bad karma, choose good karma that will assist yours.

Nations have their own karma determined by what they have done in the past. An example is how the once colonial powers have to deal with immigration to their cities from the countries they once controlled.

The world itself has its own karma and needs to be collectively resolved. There are many issues involved here that can be found in wars, poor distribution of food around the world and climate effects.

There are many cards being played now, and the notion of time speed is rapidly increasing, with the play of karma intensifying and coming to a massive conclusion.

Deal your cards of goodness and you will be dealt those same cards back. We have been told how to do that countless times by loving one another, giving and supporting each other and never seeking personal gain.

Community help to each other in times of challenging disasters creates the greater karma of goodness. Kindness and friendship destroys the threats from evil where it can be cast into the abyss.

For peace and happiness, individually, nationally and globally, let us deal the cards of goodness and acceptance of each other, recognising the different faces of God as one, and dancing the same dance that is ours across the world.

Kelvin Brown


Destiny does not forget.
Destiny has its own time.
Whatever we do
to change
or alter
destiny will ring
the final chime.

© K. S. Brown

Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown
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